FAQ: Wedding photography

“There is no fixed amount, the goal is to send you as much as possible. Our price includes the selection and editing of the best images. Delivery is usually between 3 to 5 business weeks after the big day. Most of the images will be in color and some in black and white.

For a wedding, the average is between 800-1200 images, depending on the duration of the day and how much is going on.”

“Of course I will try to be as much of a spectator to what is happening around me. My goal is to photograph as many interesting and emotional moments of your big day.

Sometimes though, the role of a photographer is to take charge of what is happening, for example to pose people or to make them relax or to adjust clothing and things like that.

I would say that 80% of the time you won't see me and 20% of the time I take charge of the photograph.”

“The best time to do pictures of the bride and groom is usually at the end of the reception and before the dinner, as the sun will go down and provide a flattering light.

In any case, I can work with what you ask from me, if we have to do them earlier, it is what it is.

There is also the spark of the moment: if I see that there is a nice picture to be made at any point in the day, I will ask you if you want it.”

“The most important is to provide us with the addresses of the day and exact timings of key moments, like beginning of the bridal preparation, start of ceremony, etc...

Parking space and food/water is very welcome.

It is always good to have an idea of who is who, at least of the close circles like family and best friends, wedding parties, etc...If you have time you can create a quick chart with portraits and send it in advance.”

“We usually don't send images for social media on the same day, as it would take time away from the wedding. We wouldn't want to miss any important moment.

Sometimes, if we have the information beforehand, we can deliver a couple of images for a slideshow.”

“Ultimately, the choice is yours, but in my experience, there is often regret in not taking the time do at least some of the close family and friends.

If organized in advance, it is usually really fast and very smooth. The best is to do a list before of the people you want to have in the formal pictures a couple of days before the wedding, give that list to the organizers and have them group up all the people. Once grouped, it doesn't take longer than 30 minutes. I will usually choose where we do them.”

“The photographs stay online in your own personal client gallery for a couple of years. Usually I try to contact you before removing them.

Yes, you can use the images however you want. The price includes free right of use.”

“Prices and additional informations can be found on the pricing page. Send us a message and we will provide everything.”

“Yes! This information cannot be underestimated. It has multiple benefits, like discussing beforehand how we can work together or if we can use the same equipment or not.”

“I have no problem with that, in the end the pictures are yours and it is your wedding.

Just ask them to refer to me somehow, either by adding the link to my website or my name in the credits.”