FAQ: Portrait photography

“We can either photograph you on a colored background, use office space or the great outdoors for more creative solutions.

For corporate use, the best colors are light grey or white.

But it also depends on your brand identity. We are open to suggestions.

For advertising or concepts, art direction will guide us.”

“What usually works best is plain colors, not too bright and not too flashy. A quick iron is also recommended. If you really want to push it, try to complement the color of your eyes or make-up.”

“We can work very fast, but prefer to take our time. Fast means 3 minutes per person, taking our time means 10 to 15 minutes per person.”

“If we have to setup a colored background, the ideal way would be 4 meters wide, 4 meters long and at least 2 to 3 meters ceiling height.

For accurate skin tones it is also best if we can turn off any artificial light in the room.”

“Eyeliner and lipstick are fine, but not too strong. Mattyfing powder is also good. Overall I would say that less is more. If you have blemishes you really don't like, we can remove them.”

“Prices and additional informations can be found on the pricing page. Send us a message and we will provide everything.”

“Not all shootings require an assistant. However, some most definitely do, for example if we have multiple setups, a lot of equipment to carry, need help with logistics or are confronted with very tricky conditions.

Assistants are either soon to be or already accomplished photographers, so you basically get a second pair of expert eyes looking over the final product.”

“Yes! This information cannot be underestimated. It has multiple benefits, like discussing beforehand how we can work together or if we can use the same equipment or not.”

“A rule of thumb is to add around 30 minutes to the duration of the shooting. We also usually arrive around 15 minutes before the arranged meeting time.”

“There is no fixed amount, the goal is to send you as much as possible. Our price includes the selection and editing of the best images. Delivery is usually between 3 to 5 business days after the shooting. Most of the images will be in color and some in black and white.”

“The photographs stay online in your own personal client gallery for a couple of years. Usually I try to contact you before removing them.

Yes, you can use the images however you want. The price includes free right of use.”

“Yes, we can provide photos the same day for social media. Please let us know beforehand so we can take our laptop with us for the best quality possible.”

“The most important is to provide us with the address and exact timing. Parking space and food/water for longer events is very welcome.

As we have acquired a lot of experience, we can come in more or less blind. Still, it is best to provide us with some infos, like what is important to not miss, who are the key people, is it outdoors/indoors or anything that you think is of value.

We made a habit of arriving 15 minutes earlier than planned.”